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4 good reasons to sell your property in the summer

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Summer is here, temperature is rising above 30 °C and you’re planning your next getaway, far from being in the mood to sell your property. Most people, indeed, usually prefer to wait until fall to list their property on the market. This popular practice is most likely due to the belief that summer is the lowest point for real estate sales. However, here are 4 reasons that prove otherwise!

Your house is at its finest

During summertime, the outside of your house is at its best. The pool sparkling in the sunlight, the blooming flower beds and the lively green trees all enhance your property and will surely charm more than one potential buyer. In order to attract visitors, you should have pictures of your property taken by a professional to visually enhance the features of your house at this time of year. Said pictures can be a great asset for the marketing of your property. Furthermore, if your property has been listed since winter, updating the pictures of its main facade, garden or balcony with new ones shot on a bright summer day is always recommended.

Quality over quantity

It is true that summer is the season that attracts the least buyers. However, these few buyers are the most motivated  ones. This is mainly explained by the fact that families wish to settle in their new homes before the children go back to school in late August and September. If your property happens to be located near a school or a kindergarten, summer is the ideal occasion to sell it.

Less choice = less competition

Since popular belief entices people to wait until fall to sell real estate assets, there are less properties on the market during summer. Therefore, it is the perfect season for your property to stand out for its potential new owners. Make sure to take good care of the exterior of your property to get it prepared for a photo shoot. If a few touch ups are needed around and inside your home, make sure to read our blog post entitled: Pro tips reno done right before you get started with your renovations!

The resale of properties during summer is booming

During the past few years, Montreal has shown a major increase in the number of sales during the three months of summer. For example: in July 2018, the resale of condominiums reached its highest peak in 8 years (+6%)[1]. Moreover, in August 2018, a new record was set. According to statistics from Centris, a provincial database, 6,351 sales were recorded across Quebec, a 7% increase in comparison to August 2017[2].

In May 2019, the sales of residential properties increased drastically in comparison to the previous year, ranging from 13% to 17% depending on building types. Two months prior, the 2 to 5 dwellings category was also very dynamic, with a median price growth of 7%[3].

We wish you a great summer and an even better sale!

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