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4 ways to get around the city during summer

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Whether you are a resident or a visitor, there are many ways to get around Montreal during summertime. There are even some modes of transport that you have probably never heard of. Let us forget about the subway and the car for a while and explore a few peculiar ways to travel around the city!

BIXI: the essential

Used by citizens and tourists alike, this widely available rental bicycle is a very popular means of transportation in Montreal, especially on bright summer days. Did you know that you can benefit from discounts on your Bixi year-round subscription, thanks to your STM, Communauto and Car2GO subscriptions? Furthermore, every last Sunday of the month, you can also borrow a Bixi for free for 30 minutes or less.

For additional information and exclusive offers, please visit: BIXI

JUMP: Uber’s new electric bicycle

New in Montreal! You can now use an electric bike. All you have to do is sign up on the Jump application, book a bike and ride. Useful if you need to move around without exerting yourself! Do not forget to wear a helmet, however!

For more info: JUMP

The ferry: a new way to experience the Saint Lawrence River

Did you know that there are ferries connecting the Old Port of Montréal to the Saint Helen’s Island and Longueuil? This original and cost-effective alternative will allow you to travel while contemplating the beauty of the river. Here are some common examples of fares: Montreal – Longueuil: $7.75 for a one-way ticket (taxes included) / Montreal – Parc Jean-Drapeau: $4.25 for a one-way ticket (taxes included).

For all the details, visit: THE FERRY

Discover Montreal aboard a tour bus

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, the STM is proposing 16 thematic trips in various neighborhoods of the city. Enjoy a ride aboard the 51-Édouard-Montpetit, the 58-Wellington (La Verdunoise) or even the 125-Ontario (The Friendly). These trips will allow you to discover new areas that you would have completely glossed over otherwise! STM

The arrival of summer also announces the return of the 711 Parc-du-Mont-Royal / Oratoire. This route connects the Snowdon and Mont-Royal subway stations through Laurier. You will enjoy discovering or rediscovering two of the city’s most famous venues: Mount Royal Park and St. Joseph’s Oratory. Enjoy it 7 days a week until August 25, 2019: STM

With all these tips, there’s no excuse not to enjoy summer! Have a nice walk!

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