Four Tips for Securing Your House during the Holidays

December 14, 2018

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If you plan on being away over the holidays, we’ve got some helpful advice for securing your house so you can leave care‑free.

Lock up your house

Make sure all windows and doors are locked. Draw your curtains and close your blinds so objects on the ground floor aren’t visible from the street. If you decide to leave your car in the driveway, take out any valuables or remove them from sight. And if you haven’t already, install motion‑activated lights above your front and back doors to ward off intruders.

Tip: It’s no secret that a dark house that’s all locked up attracts attention. Make it look like you’re still at home by installing a system that switches the lights on in the evening.

Save on your energy bill

We tend to forget that permanently plugged‑in electronic devices can use up a ton of electricity. Take a moment to unplug them to maximize your savings. Appliances like your stove, oven, coffee machine, and toaster should also be unplugged before you leave. Lastly, remember to turn down the heat in every room and turn off the water supply to the washing machine to prevent any leaks during your absence.

Take out the trash

A forgotten garbage can or pile of dishes can make for a nasty surprise when you return. Avoid coming home to a horrid smell by emptying all your garbage cans and cleaning and emptying your dishwasher, fridge, coffee machine, and any other appliances that could contain food.

Tip: Remember to clean your cat’s litter box!

Ask someone to look in

When leaving for a week or more, it’s always nice to know that someone will come by from time to time to pick up the mail and make sure everything’s okay. If you can, ask a trusted neighbor or nearby family member. Be sure they have all the information they need to access the property safely and that they know how to contact you quickly in case of a problem.

We hope these simple tips will help you get ready to leave your house worry‑free. Happy holidays!

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