Buying with us

Thinking of buying a property? Whether it be a first purchase or life event requiring relocation, finding a home that is right for you is an exciting project that takes time and energy. It is advisable to entrust this task to a real estate broker.  A broker will help you in your search, understand your needs and pinpoint properties that meet them and accompany you during visits. The broker will provide an unbiased opinion and all the explanations required in the decision-making process. Their expertise in real estate and their knowledge of Montreal neighbourhoods, Team Bardagi  brokers are best suited to guide you through each step of the selection process. They are invaluable during negotiations, at the inspection and at the signing of legal documents, such as the deed of sale.

Contact us at the beginning of your buying process and we will make this transaction a successful one.

Some Practical Advice

  • Before starting the buying process, determine how much you will be able to invest in your next property.
  • Use our calculators
  • Take note of your needs, priorities and areas of interest
  • Plan your search and take notes during visits
  • Ask your broker to evaluate the actual value of the properties that interest you.

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