Operation Santa Claus

December 10, 2018

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Once again this year, the Bardagi Real Estate Team is partnering with Operation Santa Claus as one of the gift collection points in Outremont.

Organization and Mission

Operation Santa Claus was founded over 20 years ago to ensure that the most disadvantaged children—those who don’t have any family or are extremely economically or socially disadvantaged—have gifts to open on Christmas Day.

Since its creation, the organization has helped thousands of children thanks to its vast network of volunteers across Quebec. Several weeks before Christmas, these volunteers take care of all the organization that goes into sending out letters and collecting and distributing gifts.

Many Quebec companies collect gifts, including us. More and more of our real estate brokers and administrative staff are taking part in this eagerly awaited event every year.

Be Santa for a Child

Want to participate and be Santa for a child? Sign up on the Operation Santa Claus website: Operation Santa Claus

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a letter from a child containing a few examples of what present they want for Christmas. All you have to do is buy the gift, write a letter to the child and sign it “from Santa Claus,” and drop the gift and letter off at a collection point near you. If you live in Outremont, come see us and put your present under the Christmas tree! The gift and letter will be delivered to the child on December 25. The process is completely anonymous.

Other Ways to Get Involved

If you don’t have time to sign up to be Santa, you can make a donation. Donations will be used to buy special presents for children and teens who need them. Here are some examples:

– A tablet for a non-verbal child with autism so he or she can communicate using special software

– A laptop for a teenager who wants to go to school while working to support his or her family

Click here to make a donation

Spread Some Christmas Cheer

For a lot of us, Christmas means spending time with family, but many children are alone during the holiday season. When you take part in Operation Santa Claus, you help spread some holiday cheer to children in need.

Our entire team would like to thank you for your generosity. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

More information about the organization:

Facebook page:  Operation Santa Claus (in French only)

Website: Operation Santa Claus (in French only)

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