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Reselling Your New Condo

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Quebec’s condo market is firing on all cylinders. Did you buy a new condo in the last five years and then change your plans? The resale market is fairly rosy, but there’s still lots to know if you want to get the most out of your investment. Let’s have a look.

Selling in winter: thumbs up?

Conventional wisdom says to wait until spring to list your property. Still, you’ll find that even in January, buyers are buzzing online and showing up at open houses. Not only that, but selling in winter gives you the benefit of a much less competitive market.

Plus, if your buyers want to move in for July, they’ll need to have the sale finalized by then. The bottom line? January, February, and March are great months to sell your condo.

Make a list of the necessary paperwork

Get together all the paperwork you received when you bought the place:

– Co-ownership declaration

– Minutes of the last three years’ condo association meetings

– Building rules

Certificate of location for your unit

– Invoices for any condo improvements

– Deed of sale

– Mortgage agreement

You’ll be asked for them by the buyers, the real estate brokers who visit your condo, and the notary when you sign the deed of sale.

Stage your home to make it inviting for buyers

If your condo is empty, we recommend hiring a professional stager. Tasteful furniture and decorations will encourage potential buyers to picture themselves living in your condo, making it much more tempting. There’s also virtual staging—a low-hassle version with very realistic results.

Selling a condo in Montreal? Our team of experts has been specializing in the Montreal market for over 30 years.

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