Seven Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Showings

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Want to sell quickly? Whether you’re using a realtor or going it alone, your home needs to look as good as it does in the photos you’ve posted online or in the papers. Avoid disappointing potential buyers by keeping your home ready for showings!

Declutter and depersonalize

Without going overboard (you don’t want your house to seem cold or impersonal), free up and declutter the space. Take those pictures and papers down from the fridge, clear off your kitchen counters, and pick up any clothes lying around in the bedrooms. This will make the rooms look bigger and help potential buyers see themselves in the space. In a nutshell, you want your home to be attractive and inviting.

For more advice, read our article on decluttering: Decluttering


Good lighting can do wonders for your home, both inside and out. Be sure to replace any burnt‑out bulbs and opt for contemporary lighting fixtures that put the focus on the right place. If you’re showing during the day, open those curtains and blinds to bathe your home in natural light.

Bad weather

If you have several visits lined up for the same day, put a mat in the entryway—especially in winter. Your realtor can also supply you with a nice little sign reminding visitors to remove their shoes. A clean entrance makes a great first impression.

Don’t forget your yard

Your front yard is the first thing people will see as they arrive for a showing. A clean porch, shoveled walkway, or freshly cut lawn will instantly win you points.


If you’re having an open house, put visitors at ease by setting the mood with soft music, fragrant candles or flowers, or a fire in the fireplace.


You may love your pets, but not everyone does. In fact, they can be a nuisance for visitors. Set aside a space for your pets, preferably one where you can close the door, and inform the realtor in advance. Put away any toys, beds, or litter boxes, since they’ll make your home look untidy.

Let the realtor take the lead

Some buyers aren’t comfortable in the presence of owners. As a professional, your realtor will showcase your home’s best features and answer the buyer’s questions fairly, without understating or overstating the case. The best realtors will then send you a report of what went over well and what could use some work.

By putting these simple tips in action you’ll leave buyers with a good impression and likely increase your chances of getting an offer!

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