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Six Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

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Decorating, cooking, sewing, you name it—the DIY trend has become increasingly popular in recent years and is always huge during the holidays. Looking for a DIY project but don’t know what to make? Here are a few ideas of easy items you can make on your own, with your family, or with friends!

décoration noel

Green centerpieces

Christmas is going green again this year. The trend is to use light colors and natural features like wood. If you’re looking for a DIY project, try using oven-dried orange wedges (recipe here) to create a small garland by arranging them on a few branches of fir, eucalyptus, or sage. The result is a natural and fragrant centerpiece.

Unique candle holders

Make festive, one-of-a-kind candle holders in no time at all. Start by placing a long white candle in the top of a clean, empty glass bottle. Next, tie a few bendable branches around the top of the bottle. If you don’t have any empty bottles, you can ring a broader candle with cinnamon sticks. Use some wide, rustic twine to secure the cinnamon around the candle.

Holiday scents

To make your home smell like Christmas all season long, you can make pomander balls. All you need are oranges and cloves. Poke the cloves into the oranges and place them in the center of your table as potpourri or hang them on your Christmas tree. This classic recipe also works great as a closet freshener!

Christmas cookies

Décoration noel

December is the perfect time to bake the delicious cookies you loved when you were a kid. Give them the Christmas treatment and they’ll double as little decorative touches to your home. There’s no shortage of recipes online: try Ricardo’s gingerbread cookies and the spicy gingerbread buttons from Trois fois par jour.

Advent calendar

noel décoration christmas decorations

Why not make an advent calendar this year? It’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit! All you need for this easy project is envelopes, a branch, some string, and a little patience. You can find step-by-step instructions (in French) on the La vie en plus jolie website—they even have envelope templates you can print out and cut!

Place cards

Décoration Noel christmas decorations

All you need is some thick paper, neat handwriting, a small branch, and voila! You can make these pretty place cards in three steps: print or handwrite the names of your guests, make two small incisions on the top of the sheet, and insert a sprig of rosemary.  They’re beautiful and easy to make, and they smell great!

We hope these projects inspire you and help you make your home feel festive and fun this holiday season.

Feel free to share your DIY successes with us on Facebook and Instagram. Happy Holidays!

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