Three apps to simplify your move

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Already feeling overwhelmed with your upcoming move? Here are three tools that are sure to take a load off your mind!

Moving Waldo: change your address with the click of a button

Launched in 2016, Moving Waldo is a free app that lets you change your address with 700 public and private institutions in one go.  An average of 15,000 people use this service monthly.

Since its creation, Moving Waldo has expanded its services to include home insurance and telecommunications as well as notifications to Hydro-Québec to avoid a service interruption.  You can now set a reminder for your move several months in advance and ask their move managers any questions you have.  Just the helping hand you need for your move! 

See their full range of services :

POLAR BOX: reusable boxes for rent

Rather than using cardboard boxes that will end up in the recycling, Polarbox offers reusable plastic boxes that are eco-friendly and easy to move.

The concept is simple: 1. The boxes and moving equipment are delivered to your door. 2. You use them. 3. The company will come and collect them at your new address.

It’s fast, easy, and eco-friendly! What more could you want?

See all the options available to you:

Moving Organizer Lite: track the contents of your boxes!

This free app helps record the contents of your moving boxes to save you time. The tool suggests taking photos, listing the contents, value and volume of your boxes, and providing their destination.  Perfect for those who love keeping things in order!

Lastly, the key to a successful move is to surround yourself with the right people and the right tools. Happy moving!

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