Virtual home staging: A new tool to help you sell faster

January 29, 2019

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Since day one, the Bardagi team has made a habit of going the extra mile for our clients. Not only do we provide standout professional service, but also a complete range of innovative marketing techniques. Listing your home with us is your assurance that you’ll have access to the best tools available to put your property on the map.

As part of our commitment to providing you with the most effective tools for the job, we’ve added a new service—virtual home staging—along with photos, videos and 3D tours. This new optional promotional service is a faster, less expensive alternative to conventional home staging. It’s designed to optimize your property marketing efforts by showing off unfurnished interior spaces to their best advantage.

Virtual home staging is designed to generate excitement and encourage visits by helping prospective buyers imagine just what your home could be like for them. The photos that are taken are ready in just a few hours and are posted on the sites used to advertise your property:,,,,, and

How it works

The idea behind virtual home staging is to furnish the empty rooms in your house or condo by virtual means. Starting with a photo of an open area (living room, dining room, or kitchen) or specific space such as a bedroom, we digitally integrate a contemporary decor that takes into account the size of the space, the lighting, the color of the walls, and any other constraints—all with astoundingly realistic results.


– Shows off your space’s potential

– Declutters and depersonalizes

– Helps present your property in the best light

– Provides immediate results

– Generates more visits

See-for-yourself examples

Drag the cursor from left to right to see before/after examples:

Interested in selling your property? Contact one of our real estate agents today for full details on how to list your home for a quick sale at the best possible price.

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